Just Livin' the Dream

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This is the story of how a few 20-somethings live the dream.
Bree:What the hell is that lady doing with an aspiring comedian in Tacoma? Shit son.
Jamika:Right?! But, I mean, look at her wedding ring, and he bought a bottle of wine. This might just be for fun.
Bree:Either that or his dick has a built in vibrator and tastes like Swiss Rolls Cake.
Jamika:You're probably right.
Bree:Still feeling sick?
Jamika:I'm feeling a lot better. Just some residual snot.
Jamika:Aren't you glad we can share these things with each other?
Bree:it's cool. I ate hummus yesterday and now I have hella gas. You're welcome.
Jamika:Yay. We're friends.
Bree:We're gross friends. We have a good time.
Jamika:I want magic in my life.
Bree:I do, too. Like, real magic. I'd mostly like to use it teleport places. Or pause time.
Jamika:I would teleport the fuck out of this world.
Bree:And go where? Mars? Pandora? Hang with the blue Avatar cats?
Jamika:Fuck Pandora, Avatar and James Cameron.
Bree:Whew. That'd be a busy night. How about just a handy-j?
Jamika:My hands will never grace James Cameron's over-spending balls.
  Jamika in response to Bree considering bringing her cat to a comedy club


Sad, but that’s gonna be the story of my life for the next 32 months. >_< Or 2.5 years, whichever way sounds less depressing. HAHA!